Our characters

Mirò the Cat

Mirò the Cat is very clever and creative. He loves art and reusing all sorts of materials


A charming little bear dressed in lace who loves ballet dancing. She's Mirò's best friend


A shy and clumsy small elephant, who arrives just a little too fast on his skates, often tripping over


A crocodile who is a little bit aggressive, but then again she's always hungry. She's not bad, just a bit egocentric


A hedgehog, and the youngest of the group. Being so young he's interested in finding out lots of things about his world


An enormous good-natured dragon, who lives in a dark cave. He feels a bit over-sized, but he loves being with his friends


A magic owl, who arrives when you least expect her, transforming everything so her friends can have fun


A flying fish who jumps out of the water, with amazing acrobatic agility


A woodpecker who lives among the leafy trees. He wears a hat and loves music, in fact he dances tip-tap


A living object who gets the magic rolling. Only Mirò can make it appear

The story of Mirò the Cat

A fun collage was created by Cristina during one stormy night. It came to life, and almost looked as if it could actually meow! The young people in the studio loved him, and wanted to make it into an app.

The App “Identikat”, was used by children all over the world, and soon a cartoon TV series was created. Mirò's happy adventures include lots of ways to stimulate creativity, and how to use ordinary materials to invent plenty of things in a fun way.